"During our first conversation, Sharon told me that my life would be completely different after coaching. 

I remember my initial thoughts and feelings: hope and a desire. Which immediately were superseded followed by overwhelming doubt and disbelief. 

I had gone 30 years living through the same patterns, cycling over and over and over again. How could this be any different? Of course, I was desperate to make sense of my experience; to better understand myself and why I could never quite figure things out. I was never educated on what ADHD is before Sharon. I was diagnosed in my early twenties and left to rely on medication as a sole remedy. 

Through our year-plus of coaching sessions, Sharon taught me about ADHD and shared strategies and tools to help me flourish. Perhaps, most importantly, she taught me something invaluable: I can't change what I am, but I can change how I am. I can't change my ADHD brain, but I can better understand it and learn how to use it to my advantage. After years of deriding myself for perceived shortcomings and mistakes, I was finally able to develop understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. When I look back on everything before I started coaching, it all feels like a borderline bad dream. After all these years, it feels like the user manual for my brain has finally been translated into English.

Sharon was right: my life couldn't be more different.  Even writing this, I almost can't believe it."       

John, Ohio

Working with Sharon helped shift my mindset from one of deficiency to one of abundance. Her compassionate insight helped me to see the ways in which my strengths and challenges were related, and to learn to be more gentle and forgiving with myself—while still striving to be the best version of myself I can be. Self-doubt has been replaced with confidence, and I now have strategies to get things back on track if I'm feeling stuck or overwhelmed. 

Phil, Texas

One of my clients directed me to Sharon Penn as an ADHD Coach and I can't thank her enough!

Sharon has such a gift for helping people...especially those of us with ADHD.  Right off the bat, she truly and actively LISTENS.  Not just to the words, but to the voice.  Not just to what is said, but how it is said....and what is not said.  Then she rephrases what she has (ever so patiently) heard with a clarity that shows how astonishingly perceptive she is.

Sharon helped me to understand that many of the issues that I struggle with, both at work and at home, were not character flaws, but rather a result of the hard wiring of ADHD.  That was such a relief and so freeing.

I have this little problem (which I'm sure must be unique to me) of continually focusing on and replaying the small percentage of things that I do wrong and completely ignoring the vast majority of things that I do, not only well, but exceptionally well.  From day one, Sharon encouraged me to focus on and celebrate my successes and she celebrated with me!

Her suggestions are pertinent, understandable, and most importantly, doable.  Many were baby steps to a larger goal.  I came to appreciate that she didn't expect me to turn it all around overnight....and that helped me see my stumbles, not as failures but as "OK, that didn't work.  What else can I try?"

Sharon brings a level of expertise, understanding, and compassion that I didn't know existed.  A dear friend once shared the quote "People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care."  Sharon Penn KNOWS and Sharon Penn CARES.

Tammy, California

Sharon has been a life saver for me.  She is clear, analytical and has a keen intuitive sense.  She is a great listener and is considerate of one’s feelings while keeping them accountable with an action plan.

Sharon’s coaching has helped me not only with my ADHD challenges, but also with the ability to see my life with a different perspective. And more than anything else, keeping me whole in the process.

I would highly recommend Sharon Penn as a coach for those who are looking for ADHD support.  She is honest and coaches with integrity.   Sharon has been instrumental in helping me figure out who I am and what t I want and has supported me in finding the courage to become that person.  I am very grateful for the work that I have done with her.

Christine, Massachusetts

“I met Sharon several years ago, just as I was jumping into an exciting, messy, meaningful project - one which, with Sharon’s guidance, I am proud to continue to nurture and grow to this day. Throughout this time, Sharon has been a steady, creative, and compassionate coach, always offering her support and sharing her wisdom. She is incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful as a coach, always pulling in information from the latest research, while also encouraging me to tap into my gut and listen to my instincts. I can confidently say that Sharon has had a powerful and positive effect on my relationships with myself, my partner, my daughter, and my work. Thank you, Sharon!"

Katie, Ohio

Sharon, I think of you often and even though we had a short run of coaching, it truly helped me change my life. I hope your coaching business is thriving! You truly are a wonderful person and I hope you never forget it!!!

Vicky, Ohio


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