Strengths and Challenges

While it's easy to focus on the challenges that ADHD presents, it's important to consider the positive traits that are associated with ADHD as well. Some of the most outstanding, successful entrepreneurs in history have benefited from the creativity and ingenuity that typically accompanies ADHD. While it is unlikely that you possess all of these characteristics, it is quite likely that you possess many of them!


Adventurous * Charismatic * Collaborative * Continual Learner * Courageous * Creative * Curious * Dramatic * Driven * Emotive * Empathetic * Energetic * Entrepreneurial * Enthusiastic * Ethical * Fair * Good Problem Solver * Hard Working * Helpful * Highly Productive in areas of Interest * Honest * Idea Generator * Imaginative * Inquisitive * Intelligent * Intuitive * Inventive *  Kind * Loves Learning * Non-linear Thinker * Passionate * Performs well in a crisis * Playful * Resourceful * Risk Taker * Sense of Humor * Sensitive * Skilled with Language * Strategic thinker * Storyteller * Sustained focus when interested * Tenacious * Thinks outside the box * Unconventional and a Visionary


I have included this list as a way to reassure you that much of what you struggle with can be understood in the context of ADHD. Unfortunately, it is common for these ADHD challenges to be mistaken for character flaws or lack of willpower. I hope that you are reassured by knowing that this is not the case.

As with the list of strengths, it is unlikely that you will exhibit ALL of these challenges. But to experience even a few, can create unwanted confusion and frustration. Coaching will provide you with the education and support you need to recognize, appreciate and most importantly optimize your strengths, and develop strategies to work around your ADHD challenges.

Anxious * Black and White thinking * Brain Freezes when stressed * Cluttered; physical, mental and emotional * Day Dreams * Depressed * Disorganized * Distracted * Defensive * Difficulty making decisions , prioritizing and transitioning * Socially Awkward * Emotions Flood * Feels Misunderstood * Fidgety * Forgetful * Frustrated * Hyperactive; mentally and physically * Hypersensitive * Impatient * Impulsive * Inefficient time management skills * Loses things * Low self-awareness and self-Esteem * Minimizes successes / Maximizes failures * Overactive Mind * Overwhelmed * Pessimistic * Poor performance under pressure * Poor working memory * Procrastinates * Restless *Risk Taker * Thrill seeking * Quick tempered * Unaware of own talents and successes


"For adults with ADHD who absolutely need external structure to function well,
coaches make a tremendous difference and provide a critical link for their road to success."
Sari Solden, M.S., LMFT and Author


My professional training is through the ADD Coach Academy. ADDCA is the only ICF and PAAC certified coaching program dedicated exclusively to training ADHD coaches.  Working with me, you will reach your most ambitious goals faster than you can alone.  I cannot guarantee results, however I CAN tell you that you will create change for yourself just by having the courage to experiment with your life.

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