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Education and support for those with ADHD
And those who love people with ADHD

Does overwhelm seem like a permanent state of mind?
Do you vow never to be late again, and again, and again?
Would you like to be making better choices?

How would it feel to be acknowledged for your ability and efficiency, alleviate the overwhelm, conquer the clutter, enjoy more satisfying relationships, develop routines, and have more energy?

Unmanaged ADHD can have a vast impact on your life.  It can strain valuable relationships, and possibly encumber your ability to perform at peak capacity.

"Coaching is wonderful for those with ADHD because
it gets to all the nitty, gritty stuff that medication does not address.
Medication can reduce the symptoms of ADHD and help you concentrate,
but it doesn't teach you how to get organized or get that better job."
Patricia Quinn, M.D. and Author

Working with the support of a professional, and frequently a team of professionals, you can learn the strategies that utilize your existing talents, enabling you to feel competent and successful.  Working with a coach that specializes in ADHD, you can begin to:

  • Manage distractions... get things done.
  • Get organized... conquer the overwhelm.
  • Know your strengths... start to utilize them.
  • Increase your productivity... learn to delegate.
  • Improve time management... get there early.
  • Discover your passions ... harness your creativity.
  • Develop routines and structure... diminish your stress.
  • Eliminate shame and guilt... achieve self-compassion.
  • Manage your anger and frustration... live harmoniously.
  • Examine your limiting beliefs... get out of your own way.
  • Make lasting a richer, fuller, and more satisfying life.

Coaching, it turns out, is one of the most powerful and effective
ways for people with ADHD to achieve success.
Thom Hartman, ADHD Specialist and Author

Coaches work with people in all areas of their life including relationships, career, finance, health, self-care, time management, and more. Working with a personal Coach is not limited to any type of person but is best for those who want to take initiative in their own life.  Coaching is not a magic pill or a quick fix. If you are willing to explore, learn, and take some risks, you will likely love the coaching process.

My professional training is through the ADD Coach Academy. ADDCA is an ICF and PAAC certified coaching program dedicated exclusively to training ADHD coaches. Working with me, you will reach your most ambitious goals faster than you can alone. Coaching is truly transformational.  You will create change for yourself just by having the courage to experiment with your life.

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